Community investment strategy

We are committed to providing services that go beyond bricks and mortar.


Community investment strategy

We believe passionately that the social results we are achieving are changing people's lives. These results come from people having access to decent, secure housing, high-quality support services and the regeneration of local communities.

We know community investment provides individuals, families and groups with resources and skills to improve their quality of life and their neighbourhoods. For many, our community investment is a path to learning, skills, job creation and small business start-ups but we also recognise that great communities are also healthy, active and resilient.

Whether it’s through the work we do ourselves, in partnership with others or by opening doors and enabling communities to thrive we ensure that people have opportunity and access to the things they need.

We are a strong voice on housing and regeneration both regionally and nationally, promoting the beneficial economic impact our investment in building new homes and in services is having on the local economy of the communities we invest in.

Community investment strategyCommunity Investment Strategy

Our focus for investment will be on people living in our properties, and communities with a high proportion of our homes, targeting our work where we have a long-term community interest.

We have established key programmes for our community investment activities, which will provide focus and direct our resources effectively:

work hub

money and benefit advice

health and wellbeing

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