Amalgamation update

Let's celebrate - we are one

After many months of consultation with customers and stakeholders our boards and The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have approved the merger of DCH and West Devon Homes. So now it is official, let's celebrate. Thank you for your feedback during consultation it has helped shape our future. 

We understand our customers in West Devon may still have some questions about the merger so please find below a quick Q&A section to help answer some of them. 

What will the benefits be?
we can continue to improve repairs and maintenance whilst working hard to keep services high and charges low for over 22,000 homes
continue to make financial savings to reinvest in affordable homes, local services and communities. We are looking to build over 200 new homes across West Devon in the future
find new ways for future funding so we can be stronger and more efficient.

What we are achieving already!
the strategic alliance has delivered £500k of actual savings so far for both organisations
creating joint teams to ensure we provide great customer services for all of our customers
looking at ways to improve how we communicate with you and save costs

What's the name of the new company?
DCH. All of our staff will become one team to provide great services for all customers.

Will my landlord change?
We will be sending letters out to explain about the changes to your landlord. DCH will continue to carry out any repairs and maintenance for your home.

Will the date of my rent change because of the merger?
No, the date you pay your rent will not change as a result of the merger. We may review this in due course following consultation with our customers.

Will my rent go up because of the merger?
No. We work out rent levels using social housing landlord rules that are set by the government. Our rents are around the same level as other housing association rents in the area for similar properties, and are lower than rents in the private sector.

Will my service charge change because of the merger?
No, your service charge will not change as a result of the merger.

Will you still deliver services locally?
Yes. Our teams will continue to work within our communities and be on hand to offer support and advice. We will also continue to provide a high quality repairs service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll still deal with your local team but you may also meet some other DCH team members.

Will the number I call change?
If you are a customer in West Devon you should continue to contact our teams on the usual numbers:

Main switchboard - 0800 0277 023
Repairs hotline - 01822 813 205
Emergency out of hours - 01822 813 204

Tenant handbook
If you are a customer in West Devon your tenant handbook will continue to apply until future changes are agreed and communicated. If you require a copy please contact us on 0800 0277 023.

Tenant engagement
If you are a customer in West Devon and would like to get involved in resident engagement opportunities please click here

How to pay your rent or other services
If you are a customer in West Devon and currently pay online via allpay please use the DCH website to make a payment. Click here for the pay a bill page

How to report a repair
For emergency repairs please contact the repairs hotline immediately on 01822 813 205 (during normal office hours) or for out of hours emergencies please call 01822 813 204.
Click here to report a non-emergency repair online

Compliments and complaints
We try to get things right first time, and when we do it's great when you let us know - we love receiving positive feedback and that way we can keep it up. And, if we get things wrong we want to put them right as soon as possible, so we need to hear about these things too. Please click here for more information, or to make a compliment or complaint via the DCH website

Equality and Diversity
Our Equality and Diversity Strategy for 2012-15 will remain the same until further notice. If you would like a copy please contact us on our contact number  0800 0277 023.

Report anti-social behaviour
We want our neighbourhoods to be places where people are happy to live, free from anti-social behaviour. If you need to contact us about anti-social behaviour, and your report is serious, please contact us immediately by phoning your local contact number.

Main Switchboard - 0800 0277 023
Emergency Out Of Hours 01822 813 204

Useful information and policy documents
If you are a customer in West Devon and would like a copy of one of the below documents please contact us on 0800 0277 023 so we can send it to you.

Tenant expenses form
Allocations policy
Anti-social behaviour
Anti-social behaviour policy
Customer services
Damp & Condensation
Digital TV
Domestic violence policy
Energy efficiency leaflet
Gas - annual servicing & safety checks
Harassment & hate crime leaflet
Hate incident and hate crime policy
Moving in
Moving out: A guide to vacating your home
Moving out: Avoiding recharges (post 1998)
Night storage heaters
Recharging for repairs
Safeguarding adults policy
Sheltered housing
Sheltered housing risk assessments
Sheltered housing: support plans
Tenant handbook amendments
Vulnerable people policy