Thanks to the DCH Work Hub Kevin and Morwenna Piper have been able to gain valuable work experience

Tuesday 06/02/2018


Kevin and Morwenna Piper, DCH customers from Bideford have become volunteers at their local foodbank, where they've gained valuable work experience. This was all made possible thanks to the DCH Work Hub. We do a great deal to help our customers on their journey toward work. This often entails developing their skills or boosting their confidence. We know an important area which helps our customers is work experience. Mr. and Mrs. Piper are now volunteers at the Northern Devon Foodbank where they help up to three days a week. They have both found this experience very rewarding. In addition to gaining experience, Kevin and Morwenna have used a DCH bursary grant to fund the cost of a First Aid at Work course, and they are both now qualified to administer first aid at the foodbank.

Alison Knight, DCH Community Development Worker said: “Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. Kevin and Morwenna are a great example to our customers about how they can change their lives. I love helping our customers embrace new opportunities and build their confidence.”

Morwenna Piper, DCH customer said: “It feels positive being a part of the foodbank and I like giving something back to the community.”

If you are a DCH customer and are interested in find out how the work hub can help you find out more here,