Report anti-social behaviour

Our approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour, and how to contact us.  


Report anti-social behaviour

We want our neighbourhoods to be places where people are happy to live, free from anti-social behaviour. We know from talking to customers that most residents do not experience anti-social behaviour, but for those people who do it is a real concern.

Anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance ranges from annoyances like barking dogs or loud music to more serious issues such as harassment and violence. Tackling and preventing any kind of anti-social behaviour is a priority, and we work with residents, the police, councils and other organisations to do this.

Do you know what counts as ASB?

Ask NED is a non-emergency directory set up by Devon and Cornwall Police. It uses frequently asked questions about ASB and puts you in touch with the right person to help. Click here to Ask NED.

Report ASB over the phone

If you are in immediate danger then contact the police by ringing 999 immediately.

If you need to contact us about anti-social behaviour, and your report is serious, please contact us immediately by phoning: 0300 123 8080 

We realise that anti-social behaviour doesn’t just happen Monday to Friday, during daylight, so you can contact us about anti-social behaviour at any time.

You will always speak to a skilled and experienced person. 

Report it online

If your report is not urgent, you can use the form below to let us know about anti-social behaviour. Please complete this form as fully as possible. The more information you give us, the easier it will be to deal with your problem. All information is treated in the strictest confidence. However, we do share information with partner agencies where this will help resolve your problem.

Use the app

We have now introduced an alternative method of sending information regarding noise disturbance to us. Android and iPhone users are now able to forward recorded noise disturbance direct from their phone as the noise occurs. The guide provides details of how you are able to download the 'Noise App' free of charge. Please see the guide here. For further information visit:


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I believe that the information given in this report is a true description of what I saw and/or heard. I understand that by completing this report I am consenting to the report being used in eviction warnings, notices and court proceedings. I am aware that any withdrawal of consent needs to be given in writing. This report will be held by DCH in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.



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